Your needs are unique, your property is unique and ENCO is unique.

Our interdisciplinary approach towards facilities management allows us to use state-of the-art technologies to give discerning facilities previously unimagined capabilities.

ENCO understands the demands of property management. We believe in proactive monitoring and maintenance to help property managers control cost and identify building issues early.

From the Beach to the Balcony have your own personal Wi-Fi network that is stable, secure, and supports all of your Internet connected devices.

Not all property-wide wireless Internet solutions are created equal. One of an association's biggest issues on a daily basis is the poor performance, management and security of the building-wide Internet system. Our solution uses a proprietary enterprise-grade Internet management and control system enabling each owner to have their own private network that is accessible anywhere on the property. 

It’s February, and your hot water heater is leaking. You haven’t been to your condo in months, neither have your neighbors below. How long will the leak go undetected? ...How about only 30 seconds?

Water leaks are the number one cause of property damage in multi-tenant buildings. Additionally, water lost through leaky faucets, piping, and continuously running toilets, on average, contributes up to 15% of the entire building’s total water usage. Thousands of dollars are wasted each year in increased water and sewage costs.  Our robust system of building-wide sensors works around the clock to mitigate both property damage due to water leaks and waste caused by unwanted water flows.

High Season: High Occupancy
Spring Break, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Off season: Reduced Occupancy. Is your property ready for both seasons?

Reduce property damage, cut down on unauthorized facility usage and deter theft with our access control and surveillance solutions.  Whether it is the high season or the off season, your facilities are covered.


Security Cameras 

  • Day and night vision security cameras
  • Smart Tags - Reduce the amount of time spent reviewing security footage with automatic smart tags that flag security videos whenever a door or gate opens.

  • License plate reading cameras to record unauthorized vehicle access

Access Control

  • Coded doors and gates

  • RFID fobs and vehicle decals reduce the hassle of entering access codes.

  • Security logs to detect if an access code has been compromised