The Halo System

Halo by ENCO is a monitored property-wide system of interconnected sensors and motorized water valves that work around the clock to mitigate damage caused by water leaks.

Important Information

Moving or tampering with the COMPONENTS of the HALO system will have serious adverse effects on its ability detect water leaks. If a sensor hase been moved or you need to have a sensor moved for either a remodel or replacing a major appliance please let either us or the property staff know and we will be happy to ACCOMMODATE your request. 


What happen when the system detects water and what to do.

1. Identify the source of the water leak by following the beeping.

First walk through all of the bathrooms then check the kitchen and laundry room areas. If you do not here a alarm originating from one of those locations check your mechanical HVAC and Water heater closets for water.

2. Having identified the source of the water leak go to the Halo Box and hit the "Silence" button followed by the "bypass" button. .

4. Next dry up the area surrounding the wireless moisture sensor then dry up underneath the sensor housing. 

 If the sensor is inside of a housing use a folded paper towel to dry under the housing. Be careful not to life or put pressure on the sensor housing. 

5. After the water leak has been dried up and the water leaked stopped go to the HALO box then tap the "Open/Close valve button" to turn the water back on 

Notice select wireless sensor have a wired extend probe attached to them. These probe extend the range of the wireless sensor's detection ability. The wired probes may be found under the dishwasher, under dual vanity sink, and under some under counter icebreakers. 



Cleaning Around the Moisture sensors

  • Never pick up a wireless moisture sensor as moving the sensor can seriously reduce that water leak detection systems ability to detect water leaks.
  • Make sure wring out excessive water from mop before mopping the area around the sensor
  • To clean housing protecting the moisture sensor use a dissenfectingwipe to gently wipe accross the exterior of the housing.